Recent Transactions/ Mandates

A summary of our favourites

Senior Debt Restructure Accommodation & Hospitality Space

Settled August 2021.

Amount: $162.8 million.

Why AAA:

* Loyalty to one bank for 40 plus years not returned.

*Newly built 5 start Capital City Hotel, 42 other hospitality venues, commercial investment.

Negotiated and settled LVR to 62.5% of portfolio.

Overall rate reduction saving in excess of six figures per year.

Development and Construction Loan

Settled January 2022

Loan Amount: $32.6 million.

Why AAA:

Developers with decades of experience but not in Australia sought land acquisition finance and then senior debt construction facility in Riverstone NSW.

Successfully negotiated bank rate despite no domestic asset or income.

Glass of Milk
Glass of Milk

Debt/ Equity Raise for Logistics Freight Forwarder

Mandated October 2021

Amount: $24 million

Why AAA:

* We specialise in mid- market transactions. Seen as too small for some and too big for others, we were able to place this transaction with an equity investment, assisting to consolidate business debt and take the business to the next level.

Construction Loan

Settled: December 2021

Loan Amount: $33.4 million.

Why AAA:

Bank was taking too long and waiting for project progression before finalising. AAA swooped in, obtained full approval with no pre-sales (or CC), this meant the project could commence keeping all shareholders happy. 

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