Our Approach

Headshot of AAA Mortgage's General Manager, Melissa Ashcroft, talking to someone on the phone
One: Diagnostic & Information Memorandum

A detailed assessment of a firm's current debt portfolio identifying opportunities to reduce costs and improve terms.

Creation of a detailed Information Memorandum which integrates directly into lenders credit assessment processes and systems. 

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Three: Negotiation and Financial Close

Leveraging our experience, relationships and market knowledge, we deliver a superior outcome reducing expense and improving terms.

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Two: Market Engagement

We have been dealing with major banks for the last 30 years and hold executive relationships which can help fast track deals.

We also have deep relationships with alternate funders in the mortgage fund, family office and private funder ecosystem. 

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Four: Implementation and Management

We engage directly with the Lenders team to ensure a successful implementation. 

We manage the ongoing relationship with the lender for the life of the loan, managing payments and debt covenants.